The Nut Heist (A Tale from the Aksoy Forest #1)

by Patricia Maria Wilson

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3 Episodes
101 Minutes Total
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Lord Zenith has a plan: Make the subjects of Aquerna, the squirrel kingdom ruled over by his cousin, Queen Lucina, believe that winter is far away so he can steal their nuts.

Simple, right?

Except his cousin, Queen Lucina, and her women dug up the nuts before the snows fell, disrupting his carefully plotted plan.

Zenith isn’t worried, he has a backup plan and the BECS.

The BECS is an elite squad of chipmunk commandos known as the Black Eastern Chipmunk Squad.

They are the best of the best.

No nuts are safe when they are on the prowl.

Not even those held in the vaults of the Aquerna bank.

Will Zenith be able to pull off the perfect heist?

Or will his cousin defeat him yet again?

Story Elements

Genre: Fantasy
*Podcast-only titles do not have Story Elements, only a Genre.

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