CrowdPricing produces 30 times more total revenue for content than with conventional, author-priced systems. Thirty. Three-oh. How does CrowdPricing produce so much more (30 times more, to be exact)?

  1. Customers trust the prices, so they’re more willing to pay.
  2. Most downloads are paid downloads—unlike conventional systems, where most of the downloads are the free kind.

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Distribute Everywhere, Earn More

If you're interested in selling your book on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and many hundreds of other sites, CrowdPricing Everywhere is for you. Unlike other sites that offer distribution, with Scribl, you always earn the full 70% share at all prices (often more than if you posted directly) plus you get the reader-appealing benefits of CrowdPricing and Price-Based Ratings.

Gross Revenue not Net Revenue

For sales on, you earn 75-85% of the GROSS revenue we receive. That means when a customer buys a book, you get 75-85% of the cover price, minus any fees charged by PayPal. We keep just 15%-25% and pay all the other expenses out of our share. Compare that to other sites, which give you a cut of the net—subtracting various and often undefined costs before getting around to the figure they split with you.

Even better, we discount when customers buy bundles of credits for their account. Because there are no PayPal transaction costs on these credits, you earn even more on these purchases.

So what determines whether you get 75% or 85% of the gross? That's up to you.

  • If you just provide an ebook, you get 75%
  • If you also narrate your book and provide us an audiobook edition, you get 85% (plus other benefits)