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You write. We do the rest.
While we can’t guarantee your work will become a bestseller,
Scribl is the place that can make it happen automatically.

Let Your Audience Discover Your Work

With our unique Story Elements system, readers looking for a story like yours will discover it. Your work won’t get lost among all the other books.

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With CrowdPricing and CrowdPricing Everywhere, your book generates more revenue and reaches more readers than via any alternative. You always get 70-85% of the price, which is often more than you get if you go direct.

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Readers discover your title for free. CrowdPricing automatically ramps up the price as it gains popularity.

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As soon as each payment processes for a customer, the funds are transferred to your account.

Scribl Makes it Easy to Launch your Book

Founded by authors and aspiring authors to solve the core
discovery challenges new authors face, Scribl connects authors
with readers in more ways than anyone else. In fact, we exist to
make that connection.

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