We know you have a lot of options when it comes to self-publishing your book. We appreciate your choosing Scribl. And a wise choice it is, because we are the BEST PARTNER FOR SELF-PUBLISHING, even if not everyone knows it yet.

Why are we the best? Please let us toot our own horn and reassure you that you made the right choice by coming to Scribl. Here's a top-10 list:

  1. CrowdPricing. Our CrowdPricing system is the best pricing system on the planet for self-publishing authors and you won’t find it anywhere else. CrowdPricing ensures your book is priced fairly, increasing trust compared to traditional author- or publisher-set pricing. Customer trust means more sales of your book. CrowdPricing also ensures you earn the optimal amount for each sale, with top titles able to sustain higher prices (because customers trust them) than with author-set pricing. Pricing as an ebook marketing tool is our area of expertise. We’re not boasting when we say that we’re much better at it than anyone else out there, including publishers, who have no experience with differential pricing based on market segments. They are still focused on preserving print book revenue where the main price change is between hard cover and paperback. Some authors may claim expertise, but really they're just dabbling in pricing theory as a secondary area of study after writing.
  2. Story Elements. Ensure the readers most likely to like your book find it the moment you release it. Scribl’s Story Elements system is the only instant discovery tool and the fastest way for new readers to find your book. Like CrowdPricing, you won’t find this anywhere else.
  3. CrowdPricing Everywhere. We have the broadest reach to readers via our CrowdPricing Everywhere distribution system. When you select our free and optional CrowdPricing Everywhere as part of self-publishing a title through Scribl, you grant us permission to distribute that book for you. We distribute through over 1,000 outlets, including all the majors: Amazon, Apple, Audible, Audiobooks.com, Barnes & Noble, Google, and Kobo. Only through Scribl can you get the sales and marketing benefits of CrowdPricing at all these e-bookstores.
  4. Free ISBN. If you opt your book into CrowdPricing Everywhere, we include a free ISBN. (Free ISBN is currently only for English language books posted by the author).
  5. Earn more per sale. Only with Scribl can you earn a higher royalty rate than you can get by going direct. Yes, you read that right. For all ebook sales on all major outlets, we pay you 70% of the price per sale. Neither Amazon nor Barnes & Noble nor Kobo will do that. At promotional pricing (below $2.99) and in certain markets all of them cut your pay to 35% - 40%. This means you earn more for sales on Amazon than you could get by self-publishing through Kindle Direct, more on Barnes & Noble than you could through Nook Press, and more on Kobo than you could through Kobo’s Writing Life. Those are great outlets with access to millions of customers, but the best way to put your book in those stores is through Scribl via CrowdPricing Everywhere.
  6. Earn even more for Scribl.com sales. For all sales on Scribl.com, you’ll get 75% of the sale if you just post an ebook and 85% if you also provide an audiobook edition (which we can help you create). These are higher payment rates than you can get almost anywhere else.
  7. Get paid instantly, cash out on your schedule. The instant a customer buys a book on Scribl.com, we credit your account and you can cash out at any time through your PayPal account. Other self-publishing sites make you wait a month, a quarter, or more.
  8. Fewer deductions. We only deduct the credit card fees, foreign exchange fees, and applicable taxes (we’re in a no sales tax state, so none currently in the US) before paying you. Many other self-publishing sites also deduct bandwidth, storage, and a bunch of their other costs before giving you your share, effectively reducing the royalty rate they actually pay.
  9. No fees. We don’t charge fees for any of our services. We just earn a small share of each sale so you know that we are always working hard to ensure your book sells.
  10. We’re here to help. Here on the Author Support Team, we are passionate about helping you and your book succeed. It is our sole purpose.

If you have any questions or there's anything we can do to help you get your book ready, just let us know at authorsupport@scribl.com.