CrowdPricing is Scribl’s automated pricing system where readers set the prices based on their buying preferences for similar content. Because readers know the prices are set by fellow readers with similar tastes, they trust them and buy more titles, especially at the higher prices. CrowdPricing Everywhere spreads the benefits of CrowdPricing beyond to just about every place that sells ebooks and audiobooks.

You get Automatic Distribution… everywhere.

Let Scribl be your self-publishing distribution partner. If you opt into CrowdPricing Everywhere, Scribl can automatically distribute your book through just about every retail site—including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo, to name a few of the hundreds of sites we use. We do all the work distributing your book. You earn at least as much money as if you did all the work yourself.

We help future fans find your book… everywhere.

When readers see a CrowdPriced title on Amazon or elsewhere, they know it’s been priced by fellow readers with similar tastes. Readers seek out these books and buy more of them. To help make sure readers find your book quickly, all books start free until the number of reader downloads push your book into a higher price tier or for 6 weeks, whichever comes first.

For the readers who search here on, our Story Elements system lets them find your book the moment you post it, just by setting their preferences. No more waiting for those Goodreads reviews.

You keep 70%+ of the price… everywhere.

Through CrowdPricing, readers vote with their purchases to group books at a few familiar prices. You get 70% of that price for every book sold, everywhere, except here on That’s often more than you’d get working with the retailers directly.

For all sales on, you make even more, at least 75%. This goes up to 85% if you also provide us with an audiobook edition of your book.

Free ISBNs!

We’re also providing CrowdPricing Everywhere books with free ISBNs. We’ll register your book and include all the information for the search engines.