Scribl was founded by authors and aspiring authors with serious experience in marketing and Internet economics. If you publish through us, we automate nearly everything for you. We want you creating, not spending your time marketing or agonizing over distributors and technical details. Just publish a good book, spread the word, and collect your money. Oh, and money: we will never ask you for any. Scribl publishes and distributes your work for free. We only make money through our 10-30% share of book sales. This also means we only make money if you’re making more than we are. After all, they’re your books.

More Titles = More Sales for You

On other sites, your book gets lost in a crowded market. With Scribl the crowd works for you. As more and more books appear in our store, our Story Elements system automatically divides genres into more and more specific subgenres. Science Fiction splits into Present-Day Science Fiction and Futuristic Science Fiction. Futuristic Science Fiction splits into Earth-Based and Space. Space splits into…well, you get the picture. The more books there are, the more a reader can zero in on your book.