The HeavenField - Book Two ( #1)

by Ian G. Hulme

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“…The world has changed forever; we have opened the door to something which we don’t understand, and that door cannot be closed. I only hope we can change with the world.” The man had a fevered stare, and Thomas found himself mesmerised by his words, obscure as they were. The man suddenly stiffened, as if hearing a distant noise, then leaned close to Thomas once more. “They’re coming,” he whispered.

When Grace Palmer and her team of research scientists discover a way into a mysterious world they name the HeavenField, they trigger a devastating chain of events. Bizarre, unexplained murders and attacks on the Project leave scientists trapped in the Field with no way to return. As their air supplies run low and their equipment begins to fail, their nightmares begin to play out before them.

Now, as Grace Palmer tries to pick up the pieces of the shattered HeavenField Project, Alex finds himself travelling the wastes of the Field in an attempt to flee the mysterious Speers and Gutteridge.

Soon though, he is forced to make a decision which may lead him back to Maunsworth House, and to ultimately kill again…

The sequel story, The Dead Man's Feast, is now available. Visit to find out more.

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Genre: Science Fiction
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