The Opening Window

by Vic Zarley

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A few months ago people began encouraging me to write the story of my spiritual journey from New Age back to Christianity. This is it. It has been a lot of fun to write. As I remembered and wrote down each step through my life, I began to see a wonderful pattern as a powerful and awesome God was at work in my life. I pray that my circular journey is interesting and helpful as I take you from my Christian roots, as a child, to the outer fringes during my teen and young adult years, until finally, I return, Prodigal Child, back into my Father's arms. I've always had a strong love for God. He knows that and has never left me, even as I took, not always of my own accord, the wildest detours.

Some may not feel my tone is harsh enough toward the false teachings I received. This book is not so much a criticism of New Age as it is the story of our wise and marvelous God, in process, working with and through one of His children. It is the story of our God, who keeps His mind upon one of His own. It is the story of a nurturing and loving and merciful God, Who, despite detours we all take in this short life, holds His dear little ones close to His heart, loving them always, forgetting them, never. I thank God that no matter where we are (on our journey), He is there, only a heartbeat away, no farther than a prayer, the Creator, craving to reside in His created.

As I told my story, I found often that my soul stirred with a message from God. Sprinkled liberally throughout this book, then, are poetic interjections as my enthusiasm for life and God and all His children flowed onto the pages. This is not just my spiritual autobiography. This is an Opening Window and, I pray, you will not be able to contain the riches God pours out to you through it.

<em>Produced and narrated by <a href="">Vic Zarley</a>.

Special thanks to <a href="">Kevin Macleod</a> for his theme music, "Second Coming - No Percussion."</em>

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