How the World Works (and What Jesus Does Through Us to Overcome It)

by Vic Zarley

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A multi-media presentation utilizing appropriate mood-setting music to enhance many short illustrations of how the world works with Jesus at the helm. The first part of the book are short anectdotes and teachings about the nature of the world and us. The 2nd part of this book are poems that exalt our Savior and explore our minds and environment through my worldview as a Christian.

This is Vic Zarley and I am happy to present to you, if I might be so presumptious, how the world works and what Jesus does through us to overcome it. This books was written over many years and over many prayers. I pray that it is a blessing to you.

Produced and narrated by Vic Zarley.

Special thanks to Kevin Macleod for the theme music, "Porch Swing Days". Also, most of the short, transitional music between stories is courtesy of

Special thanks to the 38 different musicians/bands who made their music available through Creative Commons licensing. These 38 musicians provided 95 different musical elements for all episodes of this audio book. Cover image by Nam LaMore.

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