Tending His Sheep (Christian Growth in the Kingdom #2)

Essential Practical Theology for the Maturing Christian Working in the Kingdom of God.

by Stephen Gose

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This workbook is a study on Practical Theology and living as an "ambassador" within the "Kingdom of God" and the "Kingdom of Heaven". It builds on the knowledge gained from "Feeding His Lambs" and adds the topics of our current and future roles as Christians within the "Kingdom of Heaven" and the "Kingdom of God". Furthermore, it provides a gentle introduction to various essential teachings (aka -also known as- "doctrines") found in Systematic, Historical, and Practical Theologies, — their origins, their motivations, from those early years toward encroaching heresies and heterodoxy, and their "final traditional agreements" incorporated into today's church dogma. The "sparring sessions" become more intense as we review these ancient "heresies and heterodoxies".

Links are provided to various external scripture translations, lexicons, topical commentaries from the Blue Letter Bible and other proprietary resources. These external links provide additional background information, and concepts for deeper spiritual growth from notable Theologians found throughout the modern-day Body of Christ. I generally quote from the New American Standard Bible and will indicate otherwise when I use another translation. I assume the reader is ready to "eat spiritual finger food" and is beyond the need for, and "weened" from, "spiritual milk". (criteria found in Hebrew 5:13-14 and workbook #1 online lessons) I have incorporated several of my dad's — Rev. C. G. Gose, Th.D., D.Div. — sermons, lectures, journals, and articles throughout this entire collection.

Knowledge Elements

Reading Intent

Purpose: Reference book
Reader's Existing Knowledge: Beginner (introduction)
Target Audience Age/Stage of Life: Everyone (no target age)

Example Forms

Author's Personal Anecdotes: Some
Citations: Footnoted or linked in context
Examples and Case Studies: Frequent use of many different examples or case studies
Exercises and Reader Questions: Evenly balanced between text and questions or exercises

Writing Style

Humor: Just a bit of fun or humor
Narrative: Second person (instructive)


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About the author

Stephen Gose

* Career (Retired): Stephen Gose, Ph.D. Information Systems (honorary), MBA International Management and a "second-generation German", is a retired Professor Emeritus with a 40-year career as a certified network engineer, and a "Certified Cisco Academy Instructor" (CCAI) since 2002. He is listed in the Who's Who for Information Technology for his directly-related work for the Internet backbones found in the Caribbean, Netherlands, Israel, and Russia. He was awarded "Letters of Appreciation" from AT&T, and the German, Israeli, Dutch, and Russian Governments. Steve has nearly three decades of international "teaching and conference lecturing" in both Local-Area and Wide-Area Networks, network security, Internet backbones, software engineering, and program/project management. He is a retired US Army Signal Corps Officer. He earned, in 2014, the ITT Technical Institute's "Instructor of the Year" out of 144 campuses and 8,000 instructors. In his spare (?) time, Steve enjoys creating online casual games and managing his online gaming business. * His personal website: http://www.stephen-gose.com/ * His game showcase: http://www.renown-games.com/ * His theology website: http://kingdomofgodprinciples.com./ * as a Licensed Minister since 1972: Stephen Gose graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B.A. in Religions and Music Education. He has served as a licensed minister since 1972 and as a missionary to Japan. He earned the US Army Chaplains Outstanding service award in 1983.

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