Bat Rider and the Cave of Oomba

by Anthony Barton

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Podcast Audiobook
8 Episodes
43 Minutes Total
This legacy title is only available as a serialized audibook in podcast form.


On the planet of the mile-high Yumi trees, only a few lucky boys and girls may fly bats to the treetops to harvest the fruit. Matthew John would like to join them, but to make his dream come true he must enter the cave of Oomba the lion.

'It was awesome. My 6-year old Liesel loved it.' – K. W. in New York

'Farah and Sophie, aged 8 and 9, were sitting up in bed wondering what was going to happen next.' – C. H. B. in Singapore

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Genre: Children
*Podcast-only titles do not have Story Elements, only a Genre.

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