The Plitone Revisionist

by Paul S. Jenkins

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Podcast Audiobook
23 Episodes
878 Minutes Total
This legacy title is only available as a serialized audibook in podcast form.


Will Captain Paola Mackie, independent space courier, thrown out of her home ten years previously, escape the unsavory clutches of the man who thinks she can lead him to the notorious Revisionist mothership secretly orbiting within the Lutrana system and plotting to destabilize its economy, its culture, its very way of life?

Will Paola be reconciled with her estranged and aged father before it's too late for him to pass on his onerous legacy to her? And will she finally get it together with Nantuke Orlis, the Revisionist President's enigmatic scout?

The Plitone Revisionist is a fast-paced, sexy science-fiction thriller that will keep you enthralled to the end – and beyond.

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Genre: Science Fiction
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