Garaaga's Children - Volume 1

by Paul Elard Cooley

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From prehistoric time to the present, one blood line has endured. Garaaga's children range from the Indus Valley to Mesopotamia to Jerusalem and beyond, influencing ancient civilizations, mighty crusades, and everyday lives.

The stories of the god Garaaga, his half-human progeny, and their supplicants have been passed down through the generations. Leaving a frightful, lustful, body-strewn trail through the ages, Garaaga's children and worshipers have survived to spread their religion around the world.

These are their histories – Garaaga's Children.

Written by Paul Elard Cooley, the 2010-2011 Podcast Award Nominated author of Canvas, Tattoo, Closet Treats, and Stuffing.

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Story Elements

Ratings Factors

Language: Minor profanity used occasionally
Sexual Content: Occasional detailed sex scene
Target Audience Age/Stage of Life: Adult only (erotic)
Violence: Extreme violence, torture, maiming


Geography: Middle East
Realism: World is similar to ours, but plot elements involve fantasy or magic
Setting Type: Wilderness/Desert/Other outdoors
Time Period: Pre-Classical (10,000BC - 1,001BC)

Main Character

Age: Other or N/A
Gender: Other or N/A
Race: Irrelevant
Religion: Other
Sexual Preference: Irrelevant or N/A

Styles & Themes

Humor: Serious
Inspires Reader to Feel: Fear/Horror
Mysteries & Puzzles: Significant mystery(ies) are core to driving the story
Pacing: Time to savor, deliberate
Physical Action: Frequent action, driven by threat to safety or life by antagonist(s)
Political/Social Commentary: Politics play a minor role
Romance: Significant romantic themes
Genre Horror
  • Bone-chilling horror

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