Notes from the Vault

by Phil Rossi

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16 Episodes
335 Minutes Total
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A blizzard cripples an isolated stretch of US Highway where freezing to death would be a mercy. An antique broker holds the internet in the palm of his hand and learns what really brought the system down. In the forests of upstate Connecticut, a pair of college students visit the site of legendary hauntings.

Welcome to the Vault.

Phil Rossi, author and twisted mind behind Crescent, brings you a collection of stories that will take you on a terror-fueled ride from the cold abyss of space to your own backyard. The anthology includes all 7 original Crescent Vignettes, new tales from the Crescent Universe, and many stories in between.

"Phil Rossi has taken the podcast novel market by storm. His twisted visions of a Lovecraftian far-future reads like Phillip K. Dick meets David Seltzer. Someone is going make a ton of cash with this guy." –Scott Sigler, Best-selling author of Infected, Earthcore, and Ancestor

"Phil [Rossi] combines classic space operatic sci-fi with horror in a way Hollywood and many authors have completely failed to do in past years." –Matt Wallace, two-time parsec-winning author of the Failed Cities Monologues and the short fiction collection the Next Fix.

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Genre: Horror
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