Inside Stories

by Mike Yachnik

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Podcast Audiobook
7 Episodes
110 Minutes Total
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From traditional to experimental in format, this collection of short stories includes mysteries, monologues, literary pieces and mischievous whimsy. At times humorous, at times heartbreaking, the stories aim to challenge as much as they strive to please. Strangers become intimates, intimates become strangers – the world is turned upside down, shaken then served up with a wink. So sit back and let us take you on a journey to private places and unforgettable inside stories.

Cello Fingers: A young man, depressed by the world as he finds it, is about to cash in his chips. Bach and beautiful breasts define his exit strategy.

Poor Louise: A man has just lost his wife. But not his Lakers tickets.

Capanelli's: A couple, happily cruising through life, is about to meet a man for drinks. Nobody is looking forward to it.

Sammy's Dad: A girl and her father have been going to the bookstore for years. Together, but not really.

Just for Me: A man must get to the theatre by 8. Tonight's performance is just for him.

Five Pounds: Lissa and Brent need each other. Lucky for everyone else.

Brancusi: Maritza is the girl of his dreams. What he wouldn't do for her.

Produced and narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

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Genre: General
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