Valhai (The Ammonite Galaxy Series #1)

by Gillian Andrews

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The Sellites haven’t changed in thousands of years. They virtually rule their binary system, trading technology and minerals for anything they need. But they make a mistake with the new batch of fourteen-year-old donor apprentices they are taking back to their home planet, Valhai. Among them are a homeless no-name from the planet Kwaide and a member of the ruling Elders from Coriolis. Six and Diva are two diametrically opposed characters who don’t exactly take kindly to each other . . .

The Sellites genetically modify their children, ideally qualifying them for their future jobs. So Grace, the only unmodified teenager on Valhai, is also the only one who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. She has a sister-in-law who won’t leave her in peace and a newly-widowed mother who has taken to sleeping in a sarcophagus. Grace can’t think straight. She needs to escape from all the pressure. So she decides to break Sellite regulations and venture outside – onto the planet . . .

. . . starting off a chain of events that will involve Six and Diva and force the Sellite race to change forever.

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Genre: Science Fiction
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