The Traveler

by Vic Zarley and Eva Zarley

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Podcast Audiobook
10 Episodes
285 Minutes Total
This legacy title is only available as a serialized audibook in podcast form.


In a flash of lights and colors on his computer while traversing the Internet, there appeared in the life of Rich Davis a very helpful and mysterious teacher who called himself the Traveler. His lessons, taught with gentle patience, revolutionized Rich's Christian walk.

Vic and Eva Zarley have created a Christian science fiction unlike any you may have read before. The protagonist, Rich Davis, has found his computer is suddenly transformed into a teaching machine skillfully used by the Traveler, a mysterious Christian mentor whom we all come to love for his wisdom and patience.

Produced and narrated by Vic Zarley.

Special thanks to Kevin Macleod for the theme music ,"Somewhere Sunny." Cover image photography from Bruce Berrien.

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Genre: General
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