Time, emiT, and Time Again

by Teel McClanahan

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Hard science fiction written to stimulate your mind without forgetting you have a heart. – In this collection of short stories and essays, each piece begins with an idea about time and with an idea about love, then follow to see where they lead. Frozen time, time that flows back and forth, time modified by relativity (both physical and familial), post-singularity accelerated time/change, time from a divine perspective … unrequited love, unexpected love, unconditional love, a parent's love for their child, brotherly love, love at first sight, or even the love one holds for the idea of what they once were, or what their children might someday be … buying time, lost time, and lost love … living unstuck from time … TIME+LOVE=? … Listen to Time, emiT, and Time Again to find out.

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Genre: Science Fiction
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