Birdsville Track Audio Tour

by Jackie Stallard

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The Birdsville Track runs through three deserts, from Marree in northern South Australia, to Birdsville in outback Queensland. This legendary, dirt road has a rich folk history, intriguing culture and unique ecosystems. But it doesn’t give up its secrets easily – unless you have the Birdsville Track Audio Tour of course!

"Congratulations on an excellent sound track! … I … was enthralled by the stories. …a very informative and entertaining CD." Mark Christie, Maryborough, VIC

“Absolutely loved your audio tour of the Birdsville Track. …it really made our trip into a more special event. Loved the information on the early explorers and details of the locations as we travelled. This really added a lot to our trip. Very well done. …Everything was perfect. Thanks heaps." Phil Talbot, Falcon, WA

The Birdsville Track Audio Tour has 45 tracks and 138 minutes of professional-quality audio. The tracks are designed to be played at set points along the Birdsville Track, as shown on the map.

The Birdsville Track Audio Tour's sound effects and soundscapes aim to recreate the experience of travelling the Birdsville Track—great for armchair travellers and gifts!

For those who prefer reading to listening, the Birdsville Track Audio Tour is also available in text, as the Birdsville Track Audio Tour eBook.


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About the author

Jackie Stallard

Jackie lived in Birdsville, Queensland, for seven years between 2000 and 2007. There, on the edge of the desert, she ran a cafe-gallery, serving coffee and curries to Simpson Desert Travellers and Birdsville Race goers. She travelled the Birdsville Track many times, not least to deliver her two children in Adelaide, and attributes her son's breech presentation to the bumpy drive down the Birdsville Track. Jackie now lives in Canberra with her two almost-adult children, a very cute japoodle, and her son's murderous feline.