The Art and Science of Real Estate Negotiation (The Real Estate Investor Manuals #3)

Skills, Strategies, Tactics

by Gabrielle Dahms

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The Sky’s the Limit!

The Art and Science of Real Estate Negotiation addresses a practice that is indispensable to real estate success: negotiation. Negotiation principles and fundamentals affect real estate buyers’, sellers’, and investors’ results.

Read this book and be(come) a powerful real estate investor who nets results and dollars. Plus, improve your everyday communications along the way.

The Art and Science of Real Estate Negotiation is the third volume in The Real Estate Investor Manuals.

It draws upon the author’s knowledge base and her 20-year experience as a real estate professional and a real estate investor.

So why not hone your skills with knowledge and experience captured in this book written by an industry veteran?

Topics include:

• Real estate-specific negotiating. • Negotiation principles. • The real estate negotiation process. • How to establish rapport. • Discerning the other party’s motivation. • Solve problems. Get results. • Negotiation strategies and tactics. • Avoiding negotiation traps and pitfalls. • And much, much more…

Whether you want to be a better negotiator, close more real estate deals, or increase your bottom line, this book is for you!

Read it now!


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About the author

Gabrielle Dahms

Gabrielle Dahms is a real estate investor, broker, and writer who also holds a master's in history. She has published hundreds of articles and blog posts about real estate and how to invest in real estate for 20 years. The author of The Real Estate Investor Manuals, her approach to the topic is holistic. It considers how real estate investing connects to a person's life and community. When she takes a break from writing, she travels, reads, dances, and enjoys nature.

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