Tackle Your Payroll Tax Debt

Proven Strategies Every Sub-Contractor Business Owner Should Know While Dealing With the IRS

by Jacob Merkley

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If you are the owner of a sub-contractor business and owe payroll taxes to the IRS, then this book is for you. Regardless if you are going to tackle the problem yourself or want a better understanding of what your tax professional representative is doing, this book will guide you through the IRS collection process.

As a sub-contractor business owner, you don't have a lot of time to waste. You wear a lot of hats (sometimes quite literally!) that keep you busy all hours of the day. For that reason, this book includes concise, digestible information that is easy to understand so you can get back to working on your business. The knowledge, strategies, and tips found in these pages will help arm you for the tax battle to come with the IRS.

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About the author

Jacob Merkley

Jacob Merkley is a licensed Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service and the Founding Partner of Western Tax Alliance. His formal education includes a bachelor’s in accounting and MBA and has more than a decade of business experience with half of that time representing business clients. Jacob and his wife Joselyn are currently raising a growing family in Arizona. Western Tax Alliance is a specialized payroll tax collection representation and tax strategy expert for sub-contractor businesses and their owners.