Against The Current

Au Revoir to Corporate Life and Bonjour to a Life Afloat in France!

by Mike Bodnar

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125,000 words
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700 min
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Would you leave your job, sell your house, abandon your family and friends and move to France to live on a boat? With no income, and no idea what the next day would bring?

Probably not. But that's what Mike and Liz did, choosing to cast off from corporate life to live and travel the waterways of France.

They’re boarded by armed police, nearly lose their boat, and pull a near-drowned body from the water. With a blade against his neck, Mike’s fate rests on a soccer game, and he and Liz accuse a Frenchman of not knowing how to 'soil a bat'.

This is their adventure, a book for anyone who’s ever thought they might like to just get away from it all, throw caution to the wind and see what tomorrow feels like. It will take you to the limits, bring you down to earth, but most of all it will make you laugh out loud.

Join Mike and Liz, as they go sailing on a notion…


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Story Elements

Ratings Factors

Language: Minor profanity used occasionally
Sexual Content: No sexual acts implied or described
Target Audience Age/Stage of Life: Working Age Adults
Violence: None


Geography: Earth
Realism: A true story to the best of the author's knowledge
Setting Type: On or underwater/Nautical
Time Period: 2010 - 2019

Main Character

Age: Senior
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian European
Religion: Irrelevant
Sexual Preference: Irrelevant or N/A

Styles & Themes

Humor: Laughs take priority over all else
Inspires Reader to Feel: Nostalgic/Happy
Mysteries & Puzzles: None or only very minor mysteries
Pacing: Time to savor, deliberate
Physical Action: Minor and occasional action
Political/Social Commentary: Politics play a minor role
Romance: Minor romance, not a significant story driver
Genre Humor
  • Laughs take priority over all else


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About the author

Mike Bodnar

Mike Bodnar moved from his native Britain to New Zealand as a teenager, and made a career for himself in broadcasting (TV and radio) and later in public relations. While working in television he interviewed such notables as Rowan Atkinson, Spike Milligan, Barry Humphries, Douglas Adams, Carl Sagan, Lord Jeffrey Archer, Victor Borge, and even Marcel Marceau (that was a quiet interview...) and many others. It was while in broadcasting that he developed his love of writing, contributing scripts for TV and radio, and also as a freelancer writing for magazines and newspapers. In 1989 he was commissioned to write a handbook for new drivers, called 'The Road Ahead.' In 2013, he and his wife Liz decided to move back to Britain, but take a 'gap year' along the way to live on a boat in France. 'Against the Current' is the book of that adventurous year, following the couple as they cruise (and bash and bang) their way through France's inland waterways at an escargot's pace.