The Prophet of Panamindorah, Book II Wolflings and Wizards ( #1)

by Abigail Hilton

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Things have gone horribly wrong for the fauns at the spring festival of Lupricasia. A princess has been kidnapped, and visiting feline dignitaries have been blamed for the kidnapping. Corry, the young wizard shape shifter who saw the kidnapping, has been sent hurdling over a waterfall at a deadly height. Meanwhile the wolfling bandits who unwittingly hold the clues that would explain the kidnapping are about to be discovered by a bounty hunter and his employer, bent on their destruction.

This is the second book in The Prophet of Panamindorah trillogy . If you haven’t listened to Book I, you might want to start there. If you need a refresher or you really want to dive in midstream, listen to 8 minute summary of Book I.

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Genre: Fantasy
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