Demon Draw

by Rebecca Moses

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Podcast Audiobook
4 Episodes
60 Minutes Total
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A city old in prestige and hate…

A woman torn between duty and love…

And a plague of demons with no end to the horror in sight…

Valena is a prostitute working for the Holy Church as a demon draw. Her deadly mission is luring demons to her bed so she can collar them and send them back to the pit from which they came. Her lover, also a demon draw, is sent on an assignment to lure a succubi-without any weapons. The church refuses to allow her to help her lover. Valena suspects the church wants them both dead…

Does Valena save her lover or obey the church?

"Demon Draw" is a short dark fantasy of roughly 8,000 words.

Story Elements

Genre: Fantasy
*Podcast-only titles do not have Story Elements, only a Genre.

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