Shall I Pray or Watch TV?

by Vic Zarley

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Shall I Pray or Watch TV? looks at the history of TV and its effect on our culture all from a Christian worldview perspective. My hope is that this book will create interest, not so much for the purpose of changing television, but more in changing our hearts. When our hearts are changed, the outer world begins to reflect that change in the choices we all make, regarding what we choose to watch on TV (or whatever else we choose to do). Our lives can become true and living examples of the teachings of Christ or they can become mere reflections of the world and its carnal ways. For those of us sincerely into God's truth and Jesus' Way, we would never want our minds and hearts to be dwelling on untruths, so often portrayed on TV. We would simply not be tempted, IF our hearts were truly changed by Christ, first. That truth is the foundation of this book. We must get right and honest with God first. We must take the beam out of our own eyes first…Truthfully, if we didn't clamor for more, more, more of the anti-manna found on the tube, we would not be served the indelicacies that TV offers.

Produced and narrated by Vic Zarley.

Music in this audio book from Mevio's Music Alley. The theme song is by Greg Kitchel and is entitled "Closer to God, Farther from TV."

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