Africa, O Africa ( #1)

by Louise Robinson Chapman

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This is the story of Louise Robinson Chapman, a missionary in Africa. From 1920 until 1940 she ministered to the dark continent, coming to truly love and care for its people. Her story is filled with adventure, drama, humor and lots of love and miracles.

Special thanks to, Northwest Nazarene University, and the Wesley Center online for their invaluable assistance in the production of these audiobooks.

Thanks to Norman B. Leventhal Map Center for the image "Africa" and Turkairo for the image "There Is No Africa" both from used under Creative Commons licensing for the book cover.

Thank you, Kevin Macleod, for the theme music entitled "Tafi Maradi".

Special thanks to Sage Mwiinga of the College of Idaho (Caldwell), for helping me pronounce the African words and phrases.

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