The Price of Friendship ( #1)

by Philip 'Norvaljoe' Carroll

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7 Episodes
125 Minutes Total
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Chad is in love with Amy. He knows it now, but isn't sure how to deal with it.

It's summer vacation before starting high school. Chad has recently returned from an inter-dimensional romp to rescue Amy and bring her back to the Prime Dimension, our world. After all they went through to survive their adventure, Chad can't understand why Amy now is acting aloof and indifferent.

Of all the things Chad expected from summer, his older brother, Mike, coming home without warning from his duty in Afghanistan was not one of them. The two brothers have a chance to compare experiences from their respective wars and help each other cope with the 'baggage' such trauma leaves.

However, Mike's sudden reappearance is only the first surprise of the summer. Others which follow are not so desirable and will affect Chad and his relationships with his brother and Amy for the rest of their lives.

Story Elements

Genre: Fantasy
*Podcast-only titles do not have Story Elements, only a Genre.

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