The Calvary Road ( #1)

by Roy Hession and Revel Hession

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6 Episodes
149 Minutes Total
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A Christian Holiness Collection presentation.

This public domain book by Roy Hession made a great impact on my life because it gets to the meat of the Christian belief system. If the behavior as described in this book, is not the ideal of every Christian, the religion will be weak and Christians will be absolutely ineffective as witnesses. This is exactly the situation we have in the world today–ineffective Christians and a wishy-washy Church.

Produced and narrated by Vic Zarley. Special thanks to, Northwest Nazarene University, and the Wesley Center online for their invaluable assistance in the production of these audiobooks.

The portions of traditional hymns found in each episode are performed by Vic and Eva Zarley. The complete versions of each of these songs is available for free at

The Calvary Road by Roy Hession is public domain in the US.

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