Manea1 aka Vuvuzela PPE - Book 3 (VUVUZELA PPE #5)



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25,000 words
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It has been realized that a true understanding of written language will be impossible if punctuation marks are not taken into account. The misuse of punctuation marks affects meaning; therefore, it affects your communication. As a result, the writer should pay more attention to punctuation marks* and not to use them randomly. Simultaneously, the reader has to take care of the punctuation marks when interpreting a certain text. The grammar and punctuation skills of the reader should be at the same level as that of the writer, in order to fully understand the meanings of written communication.

(Such is the example of ”Moṣii (Tablă de materii), published on 1901-05-18 by I.L. Caragiale) This book deals with the issue of using and misusing punctuation marks. In fact it is a poetical translation of grammar rules.

Story Elements

Ratings Factors

Language: No profanity or censor words
Sexual Content: Sexual acts implied but not described
Target Audience Age/Stage of Life: 18-34 (New adult/twentysomethings)
Violence: Minor


Geography: Moldova (Moldavia)
Realism: Consistent with real world, no magic, no unachieved science
Setting Type: Fantasy
Time Period: 1900 - 1949

Main Character

Age: Senior
Gender: Other or N/A
Race: Irrelevant
Religion: Irrelevant
Sexual Preference: Irrelevant or N/A

Styles & Themes

Humor: Humor throughout
Inspires Reader to Feel: Politically or Socially Motivated
Mysteries & Puzzles: Puzzles or clues that reader could use to solve mystery(ies) of story
Pacing: Time to savor, deliberate
Physical Action: Negligible physical action
Political/Social Commentary: Heavy use of social and political themes on a personal level
Romance: No romantic elements
Genre Fantasy
  • World is similar to ours, but plot elements include magic
  • Fantasy world with low or no magic
  • Fantasy world where magic is prevalent
Setting Type:
  • Fantasy
Time Period:
  • N/A (Fantasy Setting)


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About the author


Manea M. Adrian este profesor in orasul Constanta, Romania. Nascut in Constanta, vechiul Tomis, pe 6 septembrie 1952, este profesor din 1975. Anul acesta, din cauza pandemiei, am iesit la pensie. Deci am timp sa scriu carti.

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