Islamic Folklore The Price of Jannah Firdaus Paradise Multilingual Version

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

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4,000 words
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This is a story about the people that came before us, amongst them were two men from the Children of Israel who were partners and who are included in the meaning of this verse of The Holy Qur'an. Abu Ja‛far Ibn Jarir recorded that Furat bin Tha‛labah Al-Bahrani said concerning the verse, (Verily, I had a companion The Holy Quran Chapter 57 Verse 51). "There were two men who were partners and had collected eight thousand Dinars. One of them had a craft and the other did not. The one who had a craft said to the other, 'You do not have a craft, so I think I will divide the money with you and leave you.' So he left him.

Then the first man bought a house, belonging to a king who had died, for the price of one thousand Dinars. He called his companion and showed him the house saying, 'What do you think of this house I bought it for one thousand Dinars.' He said, 'How beautiful it is.' When he went out he said, 'O Allah, this companion of mine has bought this house for one thousand Dinars; I ask You for one of the houses of Paradise - and he gave one thousand Dinars in charity.'

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