The Menace In The Mirror (The Corpse #1)

by Scott Mercer

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50,000 words
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Who is The Corpse? Is he the living dead, come to kill us all? Or is he a soldier of justice, condemned to walk the face of the earth, fighting a never-ending mission against law breakers, so that society may function?

He dances on the brink of death and tumbles back, looking like a rotting zombie, but possessing the strength of great multitudes. Striking fear into the hearts of the criminal underworld and general public alike, he walks the night, looking to crush evil. Always decaying, but never dying, never able to rest but always willing to fight on. Chronically misunderstood by almost all, but fiercely dedicated to his task.

Is he dead or alive? Man or superman? Friend or foe? Angel or devil? Monster or master? Vigilante or victim? Plague or gift? He is all of these things, and he is none of them. HE IS…


Story Elements

Ratings Factors

Language: Minor profanity used occasionally
Sexual Content: No sexual acts implied or described
Target Audience Age/Stage of Life: 18-34 (New adult/twentysomethings)
Violence: Major violence, death


Geography: New York City
Realism: World is similar to ours, but plot elements exceed our current tech level
Setting Type: Urban (city)
Time Period: 2000 - 2009

Main Character

Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Race: Irrelevant
Religion: Irrelevant
Sexual Preference: Irrelevant or N/A

Styles & Themes

Humor: Moments of levity
Inspires Reader to Feel: Uneasy/Tense
Mysteries & Puzzles: Significant mystery(ies) are core to driving the story
Pacing: Moves quickly
Physical Action: Frequent action, driven by threat to safety or life by antagonist(s)
Political/Social Commentary: Politics play a minor role
Romance: Minor romance, not a significant story driver
Genre Science Fiction
  • World is similar to ours, but plot elements transcend modern science
  • Science stretched but possible (possible science of the near future)
  • Science of far future, attempts for rigorous accuracy
  • Science well beyond modern definitions, bordering on fantasy
Setting Type:
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Space
Time Period:
  • 2020 - 2030
  • 2030 - 2050
  • 2050 - 2100
  • 2100 - 2200
  • 2200 - 3000
  • Far Future (3000+)


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About the author

Scott Mercer

Award-winning author Scott Mercer has been writing since he could take pen in hand, almost. He has worked in many formats, including novels, screenplays, stage plays, radio, television and print, and has several filing cabinets full of papers to prove it. He lives in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and uses public transportation as often as he can.

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